About Us

The team at SimpliFi has experience in personal finance, banking, accounting, and in both small business and enterprise software. We noticed that there are many great ideas that have never been applied to personal financial management, so we decided to build SimpliFi.

We believe that other personal finance managment tools do too much of the wrong thing, and too little of what's most important. They require too much manual entry and effort, and frankly are just not easy to use. With the technology so many of us now carry in our pockets, and the plethora of data and online resources available, we knew we could create something better, something useful, something revolutionary.

Managing your money can be easy, and dare we say, fun. A couple of taps is all it will take to track a purchase, and you'll be amazed at how easily different sorts of information are all linked together. With very little effort, you'll have great information at your disposal, without ever balancing another bank statement.